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Eliza Jane Soap Company
Delburne, Alberta Canada
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    Delburne Alberta, Canada
    T0M 0V0
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    Eliza Jane Soap Company is a family grown obsession all about handcrafting beautiful artistic soaps and beauty treats. We full heartedly agree that handcrafted soaps should be beautiful inside and out and to emphasize this we use only high quality vegetable based oils & butters such as Coconut, Olive, Hemp, Shea, Cocoa, Mango, Sunflower, Almond, & Sustainable Palm! You can be sure that no animals are tested on, or sacrificed in, the making of any of our products!

    Most of our fragrances are from Essential oils, and although these are fantastic we also use some high quality non-perfume fragrance oils to lighten the mood and your happy step from time to time!

    All our soap bars are large! We say they weigh 190g but in truth your bar will probably be closer to 210g! Don't let anyone tell you that size doesn't matter because we believe it does!! Compare our price per wieght with the competition and you'll see what we mean! If the bars are too big for your petitness that's ok too, you can cut them in half and extend your bars life!! See we've got your back :D

    If you're wondering what the difference is between handmade soaps and what you can buy at the store for usually cheaper, then let us explain:
    The natural bi-product of soap is Glycerin, and glycerin is what keeps your skin soft and moisturized when you use soap. However, in commercial soaps the fabulous glycerin is extracted and thus replaced with harsh detergents which undoubtedly leaves your skin feeling dry, itchy, tight, and not at all healthy! Thankfully handcrafted soap makers like us never do this! We leave all that natural goodness right where it should be, in your soap bar!! And not only do we leave the natural goodness in the bar but we add to it as well! Each bar has it's fabulous natural additives whether it be natural clays, essential oils, plant extracts, or beneficial oils such as chamomile, rose hip, hemp seed, meadow foam, pomegranate, argan,... well you get the idea!! And let's not forget the love and passion we have for our craft! We are bound by our determination (and a little stubborn anal retentiveness) to create high quality fabulous soaps that will blow your socks off! This alone sets us apart from any commercial company on the planet! The difference is amazing and if you haven't tried our handmade soap yet you really should! You won't be disappointed I promise!!

    OK we won't delay you any longer, check out our handcrafted soaps and see for yourselves! Happy shopping!! <3
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